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Welcome to Digest 006 of the newsletter. Our featured maker, Alexey, is the author of a universal tool to evaluate and discover alternatives and compare software projects on GitHub. 🏆

By the end of 2017, over 25 million project repositories were hosted on GitHub and we all know that the number is counting. With so many options out there, it’s hard to decide which one is best for you.

Given there are competing tools, it is important not merely to find the appropriate software, but have a metric for judging its usefulness. Indeed, GitHub statistics (counts of stars, watches and forks) were highly correlated with each other, but were distinct from other metrics.

Metrics such as downloads, usage, releases etc may necessarily indicate the software usefulness. Alexey has never seen a tool that could compare GitHub repositories side by side with a broad range of data and statistics.

We suggest that Moiva should be used as an objective addition in measuring the utility of software, while Alexey’s goal is to make it really useful for as many developers as possible, make it popular, and present it in a nice and elegant way. ⭐️

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Alexey Antipov

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Alexey is skilled in software development and juggling multiple tasks. 🤹

He is currently learning how to fulfil his ambitions. 📚

Product Focus 📦

Moiva ⭐️

A universal tool to evaluate, discover alternatives and compare software projects on GitHub.

Language: TypeScript, Vue, Html, Css Stars: 7 Forks: 0 Issues: 1

Last commit: Feb 23, 2021 First commit: Oct 20, 2020

Moiva is a universal tool to evaluate, discover alternatives and compare software projects. It currently supports Github and NPM. More to come.

Moiva’s ambitious goal is to:

  • become the best tool to Evaluate software

  • become the best tool to Discover alternatives

  • become the best tool to Compare software


An open source ticket management system.

Language: JavaScript, CSS Stars: 71 Forks: 5 Issues: 3

Last commit: Mar 01, 2021 First commit: Nov 05, 2020

Peppermint is a ticket management system which aims to have a nice UI with easy to use features, lightweight infrastructure & the ability to run on any hardware you want. 🍵


Jam is an open source alternative to Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and similar audio spaces.

Language: JavaScript, CSS Stars: 128 Forks: 25 Issues: 35

Last commit: Mar 01, 2021 First commit: Feb 02, 2021

Jam is an audio space for chatting, brainstorming, debating, jamming, micro-conferences and more.

Tweet Focus

Education 📚 & Resources 🧩

  • 24 Lessons, 12 Weeks, Get Started as a Web Developer: Azure Cloud Advocates at Microsoft are pleased to offer a 12-week, 24-lesson curriculum all about JavaScript, CSS, and HTML basics.

  • Local PDF Tools: Local PDF uses Webassembly to edit your PDFs inside your browser. Your files won’t leave your system, they will not be sent to another server.

  • ContentBot: Generate meaningful AI content inspiration in seconds using GPT-3.

An Interview with Alexey of Moiva

Hey Alexey! Let’s start out with your background. 📝

I’m a software developer who worked several years as a freelancer and many years as an employee implementing others’ ideas.

I’m now learning the art of implementing my own ideas and dreams, the art of making projects and working for myself.

What is the purpose of your blog, and what resources do you use to get your ideas, if any? 🧩

I describe things related to my work on my blog I usually get my ideas from reddit, hacker news, and twitter.

What is an opinion you have that most people don’t agree with? ✒️

If people recognized their fear and mistakes and not allow it to creep into their lives, and reevaluated their attitude towards their own mistakes and mistakes of others, we would leave in a different world, live different lives, and relate to the world differently.

Why was Moiva started and is there a roadmap? 🎯

I started Moiva because I wanted to fulfil my ambitions, do something useful for many people, make money, as well as work for myself.

The roadmap is to make the project really useful for as many developers as possible, make it popular, bring a broad range of data and statistics in one place and present it in a nice and elegant way.

What is the most challenging problem that’s been solved in Moiva so far? 🚧

The recent most challenging problem was the transition from an npm package dependant tool to a universal tool that can be used to evaluate any GitHub and Npm projects, with the possibility to add other types of packages like Maven (Java) or PIP (Python).

What is one feature, which you’re most proud of, that differentiates Moiva from other products? 🦄

I’m most proud of the feature to compare Npm packages and Github repositories side by side with a broad range of statistical and historical data as I’ve never seen such a tool yet.

What is one product that you can’t live without that you think others should know about? 💡

I love VueJS framework.

Thank you Alexey.

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